SIPHILASONKE Development Group represents an independent development specialist consultancy which forms part of a multi-disciplinary consultancy comprising the integrally linked professional fields of town planning, site acquisition, draughting, environmental assessment and project management. Clients can be offered a very broad spectrum of professional services, with the distinct advantages and convenience associated with a comprehensive, synergistic “one-stop” operation.


SIPHILASONKE Development Group is committed towards improving the welfare of previously disadvantaged communities through human settlement planning and skills development.


The director and staff of SIPHILASONKE Development Group are committed to support clients in their development endeavours, to plan, expand capacity, create sustainable development and enhance the quality of the environment.


With the depth of collective expertise, skills and resources embodied in SIPHILASONKE Development Group, we have the capabilities to successfully undertake from inception to final delivery of town planning, site acquisition, draughting, environmentalist and project management aspects of any venture, from large sophisticated multi-disciplinary programmes to small community projects. Within the consultancy, the services rendered by SIPHILASONKE Development Group include:

  • Town planning,
  • Site Acquisition,
  • Draughting,
  • Environmental Assessment, and
  • Project Management.


SIPHILASONKE Development Group supports BEE as an integrated and coherent social economic process that will contribute to the economic transformation of South Africa and will bring about significant increases in the number of black people that manage, own and control the country’s economy as well as significantly decrease income inequalities.


We believe in a holistic approach and the optimum and appropriate use of available resources, from sophisticated computer systems to labour-based techniques, combined as required to achieve the stipulated objectives of projects. A combination of technologies is therefore employed to meet the absolutes of every project and to ensure the successful implementation thereof, regardless of size or complexity, within the time limits and budgetary constraints imposed and to the required quality in terms of materials, labour and workmanship.